10 Truths About Your Employees

Here are 10 truths about your employees that you should remind yourself of often. (It’s a list on my phone that I pull up daily)

  1. Nobody wakes up and says “I’m going to do my worst today.”
  2. They’re really trying.
  3. They will never think about your business as often as you think about your business.
  4. They’re intimidated by you.
  5. They’re tired.   You’re tired.
  6. They share their ideas for your business with you because they care, not because they think you lack good ideas.
  7. They won’t meet expectations unless you’ve made your expectations clear and known.
  8. They’ll do as you do, not as you say, unless you do what you say.
  9. They don’t have your experience, so they don’t know what you know. 
  10. They may admire and respect you.  Usually when they’re led, not bossed.

Bonus One: Little Things are big things. What may seem little and trivial to you is a big deal to them.

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