About Mark

Hello!  I am Mark Dykema (Die-Keh-Ma), a Dutch boy from Holland, Michigan.

I am a father to four beautiful children, and an adopted father of one cute yellow lab.  A husband for 10 years to my beautiful, patient, and loving bride Jennifer.

She didn’t know she was marrying an entrepreneur, but I caught the bug and since exchanging our vows I have started 7 different businesses.  I am fascinated by what makes businesses thrive, and have come to the simple conclusion that people make all the difference.

Thus I have been blessed to work with so many great people, and I fluctuate around having 50 employees at different business locations throughout Holland and West Michigan.  Communicating with each staff member can present it’s challenges when they aren’t all working at the same time or the same place, so I started a blog as a means to connect with my employees and offer some insight into our collective environment and culture.  It has become a shared blog so that anyone can get some inspiration to find joy, purpose and momentum in their individual workplaces.

I hope you find some shareable content to pass on to your friends, family, and the people we see so often and yet take for granted, coworkers.

Contact Mark with any thoughts or questions here!  Even a nice note of encouragement goes a really long way!  And if you’re local we might be able to meet and chat at a coffee shop, I think we both might know of a great place!

Some FAQs-Answered:

  • I do know what causes children to be conceived, and thusly have switched to drinking decaf.
  • I am completely lost under the hood of a car.  When someone says something about a carburetor I don’t know what that means, and whether I should act impressed or concerned.
  • I have considered being a standup comedian, but I’m pretty sure the world isn’t ready for all that I find comical.
  • I have watched “The Office” an unhealthy amount of times.  I know I should stop but I just can’t control myself.