Asking for a deal on a tattoo

There are certain things you don’t want to get ask for a deal on; Tattoos, piercings, heart surgery, to name a few.

There are other things where asking for a deal is permissible but not always ideal; Brake jobs on your car, will and trust attorneys, and your roofer.

And then of course the things you can ask for a deal on all day; books, shoes, vehicles. But just because you struck a deal doesn’t mean the item is more valuable. And neglecting to buy an item because you can’t get a deal might be costlier still. If you got a $50,000 idea from one page of one book, would saving $2 on the book matter much?

Knowing when you can ask for a deal is a wise skill to have, and knowing whether or not getting a deal actually matters is also a good skill to have.

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