I’m Bad With Names

I’m bad with names.  A sentence you would hear me say often throughout high school and college and my first few years of being a business owner.  When I opened the doors at my first store I sort of realized something; I wasn’t actually bad with names.  I admit, I met a lot of people in high school while playing guitar at churches and whatnot that I most likely wouldn’t meet again, so while I would shake their hands I would hardly pay attention to their name.  Big mistake on my part.  But the bigger mistake I was making was telling myself I was bad with names, when in truth I was bad at caring enough to listen and both catch and remember their names.  So when it came time to start remembering names of customers and employees I had the habit of not paying attention to their introduction, and the voice in my head kept saying “you’re bad with names.”

The truth is I’m great with names!  I have some tools I use that I’ll talk about in later posts.  I don’t believe anyone is “bad with names” they’re just bad with listening to others and really good at listening to themselves.

This begs the question, what else are you saying to yourself that simply isn’t true?

  • I’m not good at upselling
  • I’m not going to have a ‘ring by spring’…or summer, fall, or winter.
  • I’m not a good test-taker (another one of my favorites)
  • I’m not very smart
  • I can’t read very quickly
  • I’ll never be able to watch ‘The Office” as much as Mark has

Almost equally as important is what has someone else said about you that you are repeating to yourself?  “Have you put on some weight?” “Your business will never make it on this corner.” “You’re not cutout for college.”  Non-truths don’t do you any good, and repeating them to yourself does absolutely nothing for you.

I listen to podcasts quite a bit.  Mostly positive uplifting stuff, with some comedy-casts dropped in just to keep in touch with reality, but you know what I listen to the most?  Myself.

You never hear anyone talk to you as much as you talk to YOU.  So, start talking to yourself like you’re more than capable of what it is you fear you are incapable of accomplishing.  And, start talking to your coworkers about their strengths that you see in them, because chances are, the things you see as strengths in your friends are the very things they may be insecure about.

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10 thoughts on “I’m Bad With Names

  1. Love this ❤️ I always try catching myself when I am thinking or saying non truths! Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, and your actions become your reality. Think happy positive thoughts!!

  2. Awesome advice!! Thank you for sharing this! We are able to make huge impacts in people’s lives when we listen and build them up, loving as Christ loves us.

  3. Mark, This is Aaron Kenemer. We went to Hope college together. I also bought some “bag boys” bean bags from you (in addition to a few Biggby Coffees) over the course of the years. I can send you a picture if that helps you remember me.

    Anyone, I wanted to say thanks for started a blog. A great topic for a first post, and a simple reminder to “listen” especially in those first few minutes of meeting someone. Thanks!

    Aaron Kenemer (went to school together)