Better with every at bat

My bride will blushingly tell how terrible she was at baseball/softball as a rec league player for two years, claiming the only time she got on base was after she was struck by a pitch…that she stepped out in front of after closing her eyes in fear. She refused to swing.

Everyday you are presented with an opportunity to step into the batter’s box. You can raise your hand in the meeting and present an idea, you can stand up for the kid picked on by that bully at school, you can start a business. You might strike out, you might hit a home run. The people willing to step into the batter’s box of life will always improve their swing and it turns out in the game of life the pitches don’t really improve as much as you can improve your swing.

Bad swings come from the same arms as good swings. Bad ideas come from the same place as good ideas. Step up to the plate and see what you can do, striking out a few times isn’t nearly as bad a never taking a swing.

I’ve started a podcast and here are a few favorite episodes of some of my friends taking a swing – you may learn something. Chris McKellar, Jason Campbell, Hannah Raycraft, Andrew Essink, Paige Wilson, Jon Cusack, (these are all iTunes links…if you’ve made the mistake of not having an iphone you can find the podcast under “Enough To Be Dangerous” on Spotify or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

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