Experiences Vs. Arguments

“A person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument.” Leonard Ravenhill
Last night we watched a lot of brands argue for themselves in front of us. Whether they made a politically-motivated message, or a comical one, or an emotional argument, they stated their case as to why we should interact with their brand.  But, what if we already have experience with their brand?  I bought a billboard advertisement once that had a simple phrase “Be Happy” and when folks came in to the shop and got glared at by a scowling barista my billboard money didn’t travel far.  The argument was one thing, but the experience was solidly on the contrary.  Anyone who interacted with that barista and later passed the billboard knew from experience that the argument on the billboard didn’t hold up.

Same goes for your personal social media posts.  You can have a perfectly angled selfie of a beautiful smile, but if you’re not able to offer an experience that matches, and is quite the contrary, you can collects likes and hearts, but people minds are already made up based on their experiences with you.

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