I’m a model….don’t act surprised!

Welcome to my first minute Monday post.  These posts are designed to be read in one minute!

I remember helping my oldest child when she was 3 get ready to brush her teeth.  With her left hand (now her writing hand) she was picking her nose, and with my left hand I reached over and pulled her hand from her face.  At the same time my right hand was entrenched in my own nostril digging for gold.  I could have told her “don’t pick your nose” until I was blue in the face, but it wasn’t going to do me much good because I was modeling otherwise.

Have you ever commanded “be nicer to people” and then cussed out that horrible driver in front of you, or the server at the restaurant that can’t refill your water fast enough?  Have you ever said “upsell more” and then don’t upsell a thing yourself when you’re at the cash register?

You’re a model too, just like me!  Hopefully we can be the real deal and not one of these fake air-brushed models right?

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