If at first you don’t recall, read read again.

Have you ever been watching your favorite TV show that is no longer airing (If you’re not thinking of ‘the Office’ right now I’m not sure we can be friends) for the third or fourth time through and noticed something completely new that you’ve never seen before?  Have you ever done that with a book?

My morning walks with the pup have me cycling through podcasts faster than normal so I’m re-listening to a book I had listened to a few years ago.  I thought I remembered everything from this book (10 hours of audio) but my mind is being blown with new insights I completely forgot, or never heard to begin with.

Isn’t it the same with all aspects of life?  You went to a marriage seminar ten years ago, a business conference five years ago, and I’m sure your retention of all of that information is 100%, or at least 20%.  Maybe its time to sign up for a new seminar, or to pick up that book that changed your life a few years back.

Or reread some of the favorite posts from a blog that you sometimes read.

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One thought on “If at first you don’t recall, read read again.

  1. I want to reply in someway so that you know I read your blog and every post 🙂 I wish I could just ‘heart’ every one so that you know I’ve read them (but can’t figure out how) and so that the rest of those reading don’t just say “oh that’s Mark’s mom…. she HAS to read and love his stuff” . Mom’s are supposed to love all of their kids ‘EVERYTHING’ as the world watches them too, but I want you to know I really am loving these blogs! Love how you write! Love reading between the lines in how you write :):):) I Love You and am SO PROUD of YOU! Nicely done Mark 🙂