Not my job

The pup and I regularly walk to a local coffee shop in the morning, I happen to know the owner pretty well ;-), and as we’ve been accumulating miles (155.12 as of Saturday night to be exact) we’ve been watching the snow plow piles continue to melt.  Now resting on the ground is a bright yellow shopping cart proudly branded Dollar General,  new neighbors to the shopping center.  It’s been there since before Christmas, but up on the high mound of the pile.

Put there by the plow company hired to plow their parking lot, it’s possible that employees enter without passing by the cart, but the likelihood of every single employee passing it is slim.

The plow truck driver, the 20-some employees that use the front door to enter and exit their employer, all can take on some of the responsibility of this very poorly executed marketing plan.  It would take a total of 100′ of travel, and this bright yellow blunder of complacency would be back servicing customers inside the store rather than doing a disservice to the business.

Just because picking up a piece of trash in the parking lot isn’t technically in your job description doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done by you.  Just because smiling and being pleasant isn’t inherently written into your work agreement doesn’t mean you can scowl all day long.  Taking ownership of something should not also require that you are the owner*.




*I was walking downtown Holland with a very business owner, and building owner of a few downtown buildings.  As we walked toward the entrance of one of his buildings he bent down and picked up three or four wind-blown pieces of trash and walked several strides down the road to a public trash bin.  It made a huge impression on me.  People are always watching you, and your next employer may be watching how much ownership you take at your current employer.

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