The Immeasurable Difference

Calculating the incalculable

On Friday we made a huge impact in the world!  I shared a post asking for folks to sign up to register to the national bone marrow/stem cell donor registry.  As of writing this there were 258 social media shares and I tried to place some click-counters in place to track how many people visited the site of my recommendation to register, and an additional google form to collect the names of people that filled it out so that I can send them a personal thank you email, of which I had 22 people fill it out.  But how many people actually signed up?  I have no earthly idea.

If the point is to simply get a measurable amount of something I highly doubt its worth doing.  When my 3-year-old and I play catch we aren’t measuring the velocity of each throw, or tracking the successful catch rate, we are simply laughing and tossing a ball around.  You may have signed up to receive a packet to swab your cheek and be added to the registry, certainly a measurable number, but what isn’t measurable is the new story you are telling yourself about yourself – you’re the type of person who is willing to donate stem cells to save a stranger’s life.  A simple compliment to the ostracized coworker could change their life; a friendly smile to that quirky customer could have a ripple effect of them making a difference at their workplace.

The immeasurable outcome is the one you should be striving for, as long as you’re watching what can’t be measured the measurable items will work itself out.

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